MooL Consult

Business consultation in ITC area

MooL Consult provides Bussiness Development & Strategic Planning for ICT companies.

The relevance of the classical business models are dramatically dropped in the last decade in the ICT field. This is especially true in the Mobile world where the application of innovative business models and alternative revenue sources are very common. The ICT value chain is getting longer and longer starting from the ICT device manufacturer, through the operating system developer, network provider, cloud infrastructure provider and application developer to the customer. Most of the members of the value chain apply different business models from one-time sale through service rental to ad-ware finance. We can provide a quite long list of methods used to earn many at the different position of the value chain. It is crucial for and ICT company to understand its position inside the value chain and monitor the changes along the way from the manufacturer to the customer. The whole business model can fail very quickly when something changes somewhere in the chain. So being professional and expert in customer management and procurement is not enough anymore but deep knowledge about the whole value chain becomes a must for doing successful business in ICT nowadays.

MooL Consult is ready to deliver the following professional services for your company.

    Business Development
  • Initial analysis and feasibility study of a new business idea
  • Business plan validation
  • Business planning
  • Partnership building in Hungary
  • Partnership management
  • Business valuation
  • Innovation Management

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